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Released within a year of each other in 2006 and 2007, Ed Ackerson's first two solo albums - titled simply Ed Ackerson and Ackerson2 - were a major surprise to many, especially those who knew Ed largely though the panoramic dream pop of his band Polara or the eclectic Brit pop/shoegaze of The 27 Various. Eschewing the big, layered production styles and the complex, full on electric soundscapes that Ackerson had used to great effect in the past, the 2 Ackerson albums were largely made in the acoustic realm, often using non-traditional instruments, "clean" vocals and an intricate but simple production strategy that emphasized the songs and the lyrics. Evoking everything from the Jayhawks to acoustic Led Zeppelin to the late 60s British Folk Rock boom that Ed so adored, these two albums were beautifully constructed, contemplative affairs that revealed Ackerson to be a classicist in the best sense of the word; these albums are simply timeless works of art that would've been at home in 1969 or 2019. And those songs! Often autobiographical, always intriguing, the songs on Ackerson 1 and 2 are amongst the finest Ed ever released, showing him to be a world class songwriter in addition to his reputation as a formidable producer and kick ass guitarist. Under-promoted and largely unheard, with only a handful of live dates scheduled in support, Ackerson 1 and 2 quickly faded from view by the time 2008 rolled around with a new Polara album (whose title song also appears on Ackerson 1 in a much different version) and live shows. This twist of fate is almost criminal because these 2 amazing albums definitely deserve a wider audience and the acclaim they are so richly due.


released November 8, 2019

Ackerson (1)
1. Got Your Message
2. Little White Lie
3. Three Great Days
4. Wired Weird
5. Flashes of Light
6. To The Contrary
7. Waste of Time
8.Talk About Your Tablets
9.Missed My Calling
10.Gales of Laughter
12. Let Me Down Slow

Ackerson (2)
1. Imaginary Field of Grey
2. Baffling Questions
3. Carried Away
4. Running On Air
5. Forcefield
6. Go Ahead and Cry
7. Forgive You
8. Run Away With Me
9. Keep My Promises
10. St. Cate
11. See Through
12. Biography Blues



Ed Ackerson Minneapolis, Minnesota

Producer/songwriter/musician from Minneapolis, leader of the bands BNLX, Polara, The 27 Various, Sideways, and The Dig. This page collects his solo work, which ranges from acoustic-based pop tracks to abstract electronic psychedelia.
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